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Pink roses and pretty necklaces ♥ October 16, 2009

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gift-pink-rosesWell, a day after and I am still in shock of what occurred yesterday..But its business time now, and things must be organised to get this whirlwind wedding off the ground…

A trip to Tamborine Mountain to visit Mountains of Flowers, to pick out my beautiful wedding bouquet was top of the list today. The lovely Lorraine kindly donated her services and helped me pick out  the perfect posey.. light pink roses, my mums favourite!!  My gorgeous katie will be adorned in a garland of light pink and ivory sweet peas, and matt & mum their very own pink rose special touches.. ahh so very pretty. Lorraine has been touched by cancer in her family also, and found inspiration in my humble story to finally set the date and marry her sweetheart also. I offered to repay her kindness in any way possible.. and will do her invites for her special day!!

To top off the generosity for the day, a truly inspirational lady named Jackie, left me a bag of hand made wedding necklaces to chose from for myself, mandy, mum and my sister felicity. She is a breast cancer survivor and has triumphantly battled the disease. I didnt get to personally meet her as she was at the oncologist, but will hope to soon and give her a big hug!! ♥

Finally, a reminder to NEVER let Mandy drive me home from Tamborine Mountain again.🙂 Her quick route home resulted in us both scratching our heads and saying “where the hell are we?” …thank god for the Tom Tom is all i can say!!! But a big thanks moo for your continued kindess and seeing this through to the end with me.. Big kisses and hugs for you and everything you have done🙂 xxxx

♥ Amanda K xxx


2 Responses to “Pink roses and pretty necklaces ♥”

  1. Well done on getting the flowers.. Too funny about the drive home!🙂

  2. Amanda Lewis Says:

    Great post sweetheart🙂
    lol…. I blame the Tom Tom…. Mandy xxx

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